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Simple GI

Simple GI - Glycemic Index Food List is an intuitive, fast and easy to use glycemic index list.

* Over 500 food items
* GI averages for food groups
* Easy search
* Food list automatic updates
* Food images
* Glycemic index information


Cyrus Hypnotherapy

Hypnotist Cyrus Hypnotherapy app. The perfect tool to improve your life or getting rid of bad habits. Raise your self confidence, jump start your public speaking skills, get rid of anxiety, stop smoking for ever or lose weight permanently!!


Simple FODMAP - Quick and Easy Food List

Simple FODMAP - Quick and Easy Food List is an intuitive, fast and easy to use FODMAP food list.

* Over 600 food items
* Easy search
* Food list automatic updates
* Food images


Cyrus Hypnotherapy - Improve Study and exams results

A set of hypnotherapy sessions from hypnotist Cyrus specifically designed to re-wire your mind to highten studies, improve test and exams results, boost productivity and confidence.

iOS - Android

Kids Draw and Lean Shapes

Can you name over 20 shapes? Your kids will after they have fun playing this easy to use and learn game for kids. It's the perfect interactive way for kids to learn shapes.


Hypnotist Cyrus: Fighting Enhancement Hypnotherapy

Hypnotist Cyrus' fighting enhancement hypnotherapy app has been designed to enhance focus, concentration, confidence and performance for all types of martial art and combat sports by unleashing the power of your subconscious mind.

iOS - Android - Amazon


BlissNotes is a compilation of handpicked quotes and notes designed to motivate you.

iOS - Android

Einstein Said

Get all the wisdom from one of mankind's wisest scientist ever. Learn from his insightful quotes.

* Over 50 insightful quotes
* Over 25 surprising facts
* Save your favorite quotes


Word Pop Shuffle

Word Pop Shuffle is a challenging word game which will keep test your spelling skills.

* Over a thousand words to solve
* 10 difficulty levels
* Boosters to help along the way
* Easy and intuitive to play


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